Project Description

Leading UK manufacturer, Thomas Dudley, produce high-quality grey and ductile iron castings and innovative plastic moulded toilet systems. The two diverse businesses are outstandingly successful. Since 1920, Thomas Dudley has been manufacturing in the UK investing in design, to create market leading products as well as state of the art production facilities. With fanatical customer service and market leading products, success has been inevitable.

When Thomas Dudley decided to build a new head office on its site in Dudley, it was an opportunity to improve communication, working practices as well as the general office environment. Significant consultation with staff identified a need for an in-house training facility, a visitor’s centre, meeting rooms, canteen facilities, storage close to the desk and general office space for each department.

Architecturally, frameless glazing created a modern, open, professional feel. Staff are encouraged to work at the desk as well as away from the desk. Relaxed and formal meeting areas were created and a large relaxation zone was provided to passively encourage positive communication between team members.

Whilst open plan, the design is spacious, calm and organised. Storage has been used to create a gentle separation between teams allowing a very natural combination of concentration zones and integrated zones. Thomas Dudley chose to use combinations of bright colours on screens which complimented the carpet designs to create a sense of fun and personality. Staff are enjoying the new premises and have relished the improved efficiency and effectiveness the design has helped them achieve.