Project Description

Bouygues UK is one of the country’s leading construction companies. The award-winning company focuses on sectors where it is particularly well positioned to add value through its technical expertise, skills and experience, drawing on the talents of the wider global Bouygues Group where relevant.

The construction and development company behind several major projects in Birmingham wanted to open offices in the city centre to increase its profile choosing two floors (17,000 sqft) at Albert House on Quay Place. Principal aims included the provision of state-of-the art office accommodation with great transport links for staff, clients and partners.

Flexible training, meeting and relaxation spaces allow the business to entertain its clients and to brief its staff whilst encouraging continuous professional development. Meeting rooms have advanced booking software allowing all Bouygues companies to remotely book the space allowing them to have meetings in convenient and professional surroundings. Agile working space including hot lockers and desks together with flexible project based team working allows flexibility in the fast-paced world of construction.

Clean, modern white desking with splashes and accents of the client’s corporate colour create a professional image for a thoroughly professional organisation. Throughout the design process, a significant emphasis was placed on inclusivity and respect for staff from diverse backgrounds performing complex tasks. This aspect has been exceptionally successful with an increasing number of the team choosing to work from the office.