Project Description

In Touch Games is a technology business creating mobile gaming apps. They are market leaders with a strong brand and personality. To continue their incredible success, In Touch need to create and sell innovative games which are fun to play, constantly developing, fast paced and available across all platforms from tablets to PC’s to mobiles. Their games need enduring appeal for their players.

A key design element was to ensure staff and visitors alike are visually excited and impressed by the scale and energy of the business and its premises. Staff with the skills to create and develop new games are key to success. The move to new premises was a strategic decision to allow In Touch to recruit industry leading programmers. The office design, interior design and furniture specified has all been tailored to the working practices the programming teams use as well as being vibrant, creative, out there and whacky. Anything but ordinary.

Bench style canteen tables and chairs were used to encourage interaction. Rather than team members sitting alone to eat their lunch, they are now naturally drawn to sitting on the long benches. This has developed good feeling and broken down barriers. Senior and junior staff now sit together.

We created a design which located the desks and break out meeting areas to improve creativity and productivity. Team leaders hold regular, short, informal meetings and furniture that facilitated creative thinking in a fun and vibrant atmosphere was specified. The furniture chosen has built in technology so that products and product developments could be discussed and demonstrated during the meetings. Locating the break out meeting areas within the office environment has improved communication at a global level and encouraged collaboration and involvement and generally increased mutual respect.