Office Furniture Suppliers in Birmingham, UK

Re-energising workplaces with stylish yet functional furniture is our forte. Whatever the size of company or nature of business we can help increase an office’s productivity with our extensive range of products.

Office furniture needs to reflect the way we work today, the increasing emphasis on technology and our changing working days. Each year Powell Office Style invest in seeking out the very latest products and work closely with suppliers from across Europe, to bring aesthetically pleasing furniture which delivers our clients real benefits in productivity.


Ergonomic seating and more

A leading supplier of ergonomic seating we also offer an unrivalled collection of office furniture to give your office the boost it needs.

Our unrivalled collection of office furniture includes everything from seating to desking, screens to storage and even sofas and tables with built-in electrics and data modules.

We’re renowned for being one of the region’s leading suppliers of ergonomic seating and are passionate about it. Old style chairs can leave us susceptible to developing bad posture, neck, shoulder and back problems, costing companies millions in sick hours each year. Powell’s Seating Specialists can advise on how to operate more comfortably and choose seating that is right for your office.


Browse our range of office furniture on our product pages here,

or download our full Powell office furniture product guide 2020 in PDF format here.


There are times when second-hand furniture may be more appropriate. We have a constantly changing supply of ex-showroom and second-hand furniture, all in good condition and checked for safety.

Talk to us to see what may be suitable for you from our second-hand range all at vastly reduced prices.


With budgets tightening in schools across the UK it makes sense to make savings where you can.

We offer a range of ex-showroom and second-hand (but safety-checked) furniture for primary schools, including a large selection of tables and chairs at discounted prices.

From refreshing to refurbishing… Whether you’re looking for just one or two pieces of furniture or a full refurbishment of your workplace – we can help. Our knowledgeable team and specialist services will cover you from the planning stages right through design, to product choice and installation. Call us on 0121 561 5050.

For over 30 years Powell Office Style has been helping companies across the region re-assess their office spaces. From small start-ups to large multi-national businesses, including the NHS, creative hubs, schools and colleges, we can help with your project whatever the size or scale.

View our range of office furniture here, or if you need more specialist advice, contact us for one of our experts to discuss how we can help. Call us today on 0121 561 5050 or email to see how we can help transform your workplace environment.