The ever-growing staff at a popular online gaming company, meant a need for more space, and more mouths to feed, especially when it came to the kitchen!

The kitchen is the ‘hub of the home’ and we were asked to design it with a woodland/jungle theme with elements of wacky (oh, how quirky).

It was important to the client to create the ultimate first impression, and this was one way to do it. Giving this theme a wacky and fictional twist, led to its unique look. Green and brown tones were used to mimic the colours of nature with the addition of rich purples and luminous yellows, adding magic to the space.

Creating functional plus flexible seating arrangements that mix soft seating with canteen chairs, encourage integration between staff, whilst funky furniture makes it a fun and inviting space to spend lunch (yay!)

Now, this is not your ordinary staff canteen, take a look